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EPA Recognizes Florida Department of Health Palm Beach County Building as Energy Star Building

By Public Information

November 07, 2014


Date: November 7, 2014                                     
contact: Public Information 561-671-4014

EPA Recognizes Florida Department of Health Building as Energy Star Building

West Palm Beach – Once again, Florida Department of Health in Palm Beach County at 800 Clematis Street, West Palm Beach is the proud recipient of the Environmental Protection Agency’s “Energy Star Building Award.”  This building has been identified as one of America’s energy all-stars and is also the only State Building in Florida to be recognized this year.  Local Government buildings in Hillsborough and Manatee have also received this award for 2014.

Further, the Energy Star Building award is given to facilities that use 35 percent less energy and generate 35 percent fewer greenhouse gas emissions than similar buildings in the nation. This building is now listed on EPA’ ENERGY STAR registry at

The building was constructed in 2009 and is owned and managed by the State of Florida. This energy efficient building was designed with a lot of windows to allow natural light into the rooms. The windows were installed with a slight film to reduce heat gain from direct sunlight. T8 lamps and occupancy sensors were installed throughout the building and in the stairways. Also in the main floor men's restrooms, waterless urinals were installed to reduce water consumption.

Environmental Public Health Department – Indoor Air Program manager and the building manager decided to implement energy efficient strategies to further reduce energy cost and the building’s greenhouse footprint. As a part of our EPA Air Grant Commitment to promote energy efficient projects, the energy management team decided to begin benchmarking using Energy Star Portfolio Management Program.

Also, in order to improve energy efficiency the energy management team purchased and installed energy efficient blinds to further reduce the buildings heat gain from direct sunlight. The team then focused on the HVAC system. The building manager implemented an HVAC energy management protocol. This protocol consists of monthly HVAC filters, regular system optimization, as well as adjusting the dampers as needed.

 Information Technology department implemented various energy saving policies, such as only purchasing energy star approved equipment and installing power down features on all existing computers.

Florida Department of Health in Palm Beach County administration building was able to maintain an ENERGY STAR Energy Performance Rating score at or above the required 75 which has resulted in the department receiving the Energy Star Award in 2013 and 2014.

 More information can be obtained by contacting Florida Health Palm Beach County, Environmental Public Health or by visiting the website at

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